Oleandar Blossoms
This is my favorite technique, using a colored background or a photo to make decorative text.

For this tutorial I used a digital photo of a neighbor's Oleander bush. If you wish to use my photo, click here: cluster.jpg. (Right click on the link and use Save Target as or Save Link as)

Open cluster.jpg image in PSP 8. 

Activate the Text Tool. (Keyboard Command: T) Text Tool 

The method for creating text is a bit different with version 8. The Text options are now on a toolbar. In the CREATE AS list box, use the small arrow to open the dropdown menu and highlight SELECTION with your mouse. Create As SelectionWe are going to "cut out" the background and paste it back into our image, so we want to choose Selection.

Text Settings

Note, the settings are Font: Arial, Size 36, Stroke 1.0, Anti-alias, Alignment is set for Align Center and Bold is activated.

(This gives us a nice wide selection to incorporate part of the background. Wider fonts make a bolder statement. I'm Arial TTF for this tutorial because it is always available. Every font turns out a bit different with this technique. Try the Arial font first, then find a nice wide font and experiment.)

Type the desired text and click Apply.

Use the Text Entry Dialog

Notice we now have the option to "Remember text." I use that because I may want to undo where I placed the text selection and I won't have to type it over and over again.

If you are not satisfied with your placement of the selection, use Undo (Control + X) and try again. When satisfied, cut or delete the selection so it goes to the clipboard by using Keyboard Command: Control +X or use the Scissors icon on the top Taskbar.

Well, now we have something, we have a floating selection and we cut out part of our image! Not to worry!
Marching Ants Selection

We have a series of keyboard shortcuts to do now.

Keyboard Command: Control + X.(Cut)
Keyboard Command: Control + Z (Undo) (Have faith!)
Keyboard Command: Control + L (Hmmmm...) (This pastes the copied portion back as a new raster layer..)
Keyboard Command: Control+D (This well deselect the text selection.)

I like to use the keyboard option, it saves time. You could do the same thing by using your options on the top toolbar, but this is so much faster

OK, it looks somewhat interesting, (NOT!) We'll use PSP's built in bevel to make it MUCH more interesting.

Text result

Click on Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel Inner Bevel

If you like you can add a drop shadow to your text. This makes it stand out slightly from your background. For a different effect, I used PSP's Metallic bevel to make a strong text effect. Experiment!

Finished Result

If you have any questions or comments you can E-mail me.

Jinny Davis, Copyright ©2003, all rights reserved.

Copyright Statement: My tutorial is for personal use to help others learn to use Paint Shop Pro and may not be uploaded to any electronic system for redistribution nor included in any compact disk (CD-ROM) or collection of any type without my written permission.

Paint Shop Pro is the property of and trademarked by JASC Software Inc.
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