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Sorry I haven't been updating, real life interferes from time to time. However, I have some new tutorials that will show you techniques that I hope will inspire new uses for Paint Shop Pro as well as showing how the tools in Paint Shop Pro work.

The older tutorials are now located in the PSP Archives. They still work with every version of Paint Shop Pro from version 7 to the current version. The workspaces and locations of tools have changed but the tools themselves have not.

One new addition, Qwiklets, quick little tutorials covering various subjects, check them out. As I have time for other programs, I will be adding them here as well.

You will notice that in addition to the Flash movies that I have added a new set if tutorials using Camtasia, where I can talk to you while demonstrating. Older links are still active, the same as they were when I started my site. (If you find a broken link, please let me know.)

Visit my partner, Khiba is an expert photographer and an expert using Paint Shop Pro. She has over 90 tutorials on her site with emphasis on processing and embellishing photographs to bring out the best in them.

Fall -Winter-2008 PSP Tutorials from October 2008 to February 2009
Spring-Winter 2009 PSP Tutorials from February to February 2010


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