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It's been a long time since I offered a web page tutorial but I decided it would be easier to show you examples of text on an path and some of the many designs that can be done using this technique. I searched the web and found hundreds of dingbat fonts, since I'm a fontaholic, I now have hundreds more dingbat fonts on my hard drive.

The first example is a border using the Ariel.ttf @ sign and font size set to 22 points and a rectangle with the line style set to 4, rounded rectangle.
Ariel @ sign

I used a font named Beautiful Ornaments for the next example.

and the result:

Result - Beautiful Ornaments


The next example is using Fleurons.ttf

Fleurons TTF

and result:

Fleurons Example

Font: Eutemia Ornament

Eutemia Rose


This is my favorite of all the borders that I made, I used Bookshelf Symbols, a font that came bundled with MS Office 2003. It made a lacy effect. Another option for this border is using the diamond line style for the rounded rectangle.Bookshelf Symbol

bookshelf symbol

Eutemia Ornament TTF using the * symbol. Notice that I also used the Bold and Underline option in the font settings. That's how the second rectangle line was formed.

Eutimia ttf


These are just a few of the many borders that I made. I used dingbats or ornamental fonts but I also used symbols and letters from fonts like Ariel and Times Roman. As always, experiment! The tutorial to show you how to make your own border using text on a path is here: 102009

I found most of my free fonts from a wonderful site:


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