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Textured Frame Create a Textured Frame
using a custom brush

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Custom Frame Example Decorative Designs with Line Styles
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Seamless Gingham! Make a seamless Gingham texture using the Snap to Grid option with PSP
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Let's make PLAID! Let's make plaid the easy way!
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  http://jinnysplace.com/sf04/corners.htm Preset Shape to Scrapbook Corner, plus a new PSP 9 feature.
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An Embossed Effect An embossed effect using the Sculpture effect for a scrapbook corner.
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Make a Polaroid Frame

Create a Custom Polaroid Image Frame.
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Line Style Example Making a Custom Line Style

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Raster Line Style


Raster Line Syles & Frame
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These are older tutorials but they can be done with PSP Photo X2, PSP X Pro, PSP 9, 9, 7 as well as PSP 9 Studio. The layout will be slightly different depending on the version, but the techniques are consistant with all four versions.

Some Helpful Links

Links I found a beginner's tutorial that also covers creating lines styles that might also be helpful for you. Very well written. Creating Custom Lines Tutorial

Links Khiba has a tutorial to help you understand how to edit and move vector points:
Making a cup shape and putting text on a path. Vector Shape and Edit Tools

Links SuzShook has a simple tutorial making a flower which also shows you the various editing tools. She shows you how to make a very pretty flower. Simple Bezier Flowers in PSP 8

Note: Qarbon Viewlets need Adobe Flash Player.